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Time Travel

A Time Travel Trilogy: The Jinni from Somewhere in Time

If the grandfather paradox blew your mind, these time travel paradoxes will melt your brain. From proving the world's most complicated theorem without actually proving it, to fathering your own self. Here's how to create a pocket watch without really creating it, and why Einstein's theory of relativity might not have been Einstein's brainchild after all. Take a deep breath and press the yellow button!

A Time Travel Trilogy: Einstein's Portal to the Future

For as long as we have strolled the Earth, the idea of time travel has sparkled our curiosity and imagination. Countless science fiction writers have explored the possibilities and paradoxes of time travel. But will science fiction ever turn in science fact? Press the yellow button and find out what scientists think about time travel to the future in this first post of the time travel trilogy.