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Monthly Archives: January 2015

A Time Travel Trilogy: The Jinni from Somewhere in Time

If the grandfather paradox blew your mind, these time travel paradoxes will melt your brain. From proving the world's most complicated theorem without actually proving it, to fathering your own self. Here's how to create a pocket watch without really creating it, and why Einstein's theory of relativity might not have been Einstein's brainchild after all. Take a deep breath and press the yellow button!

Let it Snow!

It was a cold and snowy winter day in 1611, when the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler crossed the Charles Bridge in Prague. A snowflake, born inside an icy cloud high above the city, had journeyed all the way down, to land on Kepler’s coat. Mesmerized by its sheer beauty and perfect symmetry, Kepler marveled ... Press the yellow button, and continue reading!