The Life of Psi

Philosophical Musings on the Foundations of Physics and Chemistry

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Who's in Charge?

Does free will exist, or is it merely an illusion? Are we the authors of our own actions? The thinkers of our own thoughts? Or are we mere witnesses of our lives? Prisoners of the strict laws of cause and effect, with no room for freedom of choice? Press the yellow button and find it out!

It's About Time! KU Leuven Introduces a Mind-Boggling Course on the Nature of Time

Even though time plays such a central role in our lives, it remains an elusive and mysterious concept. Does time really pass? And why does it flow in only one direction? How comes we remember the past but not the future? Is time travel possible? And does time have a beginning or an end? KU Leuven proudly announces the introduction of a mind-boggling new course on the nature of time!

A Time Travel Trilogy: The Jinni from Somewhere in Time

If the grandfather paradox blew your mind, these time travel paradoxes will melt your brain. From proving the world's most complicated theorem without actually proving it, to fathering your own self. Here's how to create a pocket watch without really creating it, and why Einstein's theory of relativity might not have been Einstein's brainchild after all. Take a deep breath and press the yellow button!

Let it Snow!

It was a cold and snowy winter day in 1611, when the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler crossed the Charles Bridge in Prague. A snowflake, born inside an icy cloud high above the city, had journeyed all the way down, to land on Kepler’s coat. Mesmerized by its sheer beauty and perfect symmetry, Kepler marveled ... Press the yellow button, and continue reading!

A Time Travel Trilogy: Einstein's Portal to the Future

For as long as we have strolled the Earth, the idea of time travel has sparkled our curiosity and imagination. Countless science fiction writers have explored the possibilities and paradoxes of time travel. But will science fiction ever turn in science fact? Press the yellow button and find out what scientists think about time travel to the future in this first post of the time travel trilogy.

Schrödinger's Cat and the Measurement Problem

In 1935, Erwin Schrödinger devised a horrifying thought experiment about a cat in a box. The appalling results of his experiment went to the crux of the most severe problem of quantum mechanics — the infamous measurement problem. Much of the philosophical discussion about quantum mechanics still revolves around this problem and how one might go about solving it. Can't resist taking a sneak peek at what's going on inside the box? Press the yellow button, and continue reading!